I miss Jacksonville

i miss jacksonville

It is almost 10 pm as I opened the trunk to my car to remove the hefty bag of dog food. I tried to look away from the inevitable thirty pounds of kibble staring at me. I am really tired today. I have been sanding a dresser. Anyway, I look away successfully from the dog food and notice a bunch of clutter from my trunk staring back at me. Unlike my ultra minimalist desk in the office and unlike my somewhat orderly apartment, the trunk of my Hyundai is a mess.

And most of that stuff in the trunk of my Hyundai that I invariable ignore to sort out and organize reminds me of my life in Jacksonville.

There is a Rhodes bike rack that I got from craigslist. Forty dollars and a little waiting outside a storage unit off Phillips Highway and it was mine. That bag of charcoal that I bought when I won that hibachi grill from Grassroots. My yoga mat that has been in there for as long as I can remember. I probably need to wash it sometime. I have spent countless hours sweating on it when I went to Yoga Ananda, and I have slept on it when camping at the Smokies. One of several light boxes that Katie had lent me that I forgot to return. Numerous rags and car cleaning supplies I used when I cleaned my car while I did my Laundry at Maytag laundromat behind 5 Points. That summer sleeping bag I bought at Black Creek Outfitters.

Leaving Jacksonville still feels like a break up from a relationship — the break up where it wasn’t your call. I left a little over a year ago with little other choice. Since then I have started several drafts of blog posts to write about my time in Jacksonville but they were never fully formed. Some of them were about the things I loved, some about the things I hated, some about how I remembered my life in Jacksonville. All the drafts dragged on haphazardly with no defined direction. I think this draft will see the light of the internet. This one has a clearer point.

And the point is that I just miss Jacksonville.