Finding Music Volume Three

How does one discover new ideas? Facebook, twitter, friends? We tend to listen to channels that already interest us, be it ideas or art. This limits how far our exploration reaches. This limits how far we push our comfort zone in an increasingly disconnected lifestyle. I see friends post music on Facebook on apps like Spotify. I am sure Spotify is a good service but I do not feel like installing a new software to listen to my friend’s recommendations. Moreover, these new methods live in a cluttered medium. In a time where choice is abundant, it is often our own fault for not catching someone’s post on our news feeds or tweets. This paradox of choice tends to put us in a perpetual state of alertness, always refreshing that facebook page, always launching that twitter app. Perpetually scrolling.

John Carey of Fifty Foot Shadows launched the internet’s equivalent of a mix-tape. He compiled a bunch of songs that went together well and strung them together. This playlist can not be shuffled, individual songs can not be separated. It is called 50ft Radio. Finding Music vol. 3 is my version of 50ft Radio. This is my attempt of stepping out of the competition and clutter of social media. Once downloaded, this compilation is completely off-line so you may listen whenever you feel like.

It started with my cousin asking for music recommendations. I created two such playlists for her in the last few months. This is the third. Songs in this list range from folk and bluegrass to blues. The energy in the compilation picks up as the playlist proceeds. This playlist is heavily influenced by my recent visit to the Florida Folk Festival where I heard several of the artists play live. The music of Jubal’s Kin, Rebecca Zapen, Mean Mary and Ben Prestage are time capsules that take me back to the weekend in May spent on the banks of the Suwannee. The cover image shows the tannic water of the Suwannee, so cool and refreshing. After spending the last two weeks sifting through six CDs of music, I am finally publishing this playlist. The intent is to expose you to the music that currently influences me, and hopefully you will find something you may not have heard before. In the interest of filesize, I have skipped many good songs when preparing this playlist. I encourage you to purchase individual songs or albums if they influence you.

You may download the full playlist here. Here is the track list. I hope you enjoy.

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