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Laya and I
Laya and I at Memorial Park, Fall 2010
Photo Courtesy Matt Uhrig

My name is Abhishek Mukherjee. I was born in India and grew up in Bombay. I live in Lakeland, FL. I am an Industrial Engineer and a photographer. Find me on Linked In.

When I am not designing warehouses, I dabble in percussion, and advocate for bicycles as transportation and mass transit. I am against the car tax. I occasionally write, take loads of pictures and dabble in videography. You may subscribe to my universal blog feed if RSS is your thing.


My approach towards things and ideas are based on the principles of simplicity and quality. The genius design of simple things, their simple construction, versatility, beauty and variety of application fascinate me. Nature is full of examples that teach us the value of elegance where all elements remain in perfect equilibrium with each other, in harmony and at peace.

The quest for simplicity and quality is difficult since there is so little of it in the clutter of daily life. Simplicity is sometimes a revolting philosophy in this day and age of abundance, quantity taking the limelight. It is easy to fill our lives with junk, unintentionally and out of convenience, losing all harmony: physical junk, digital junk and junk ideas. I find it worthwhile to sift through this junk and curate so I may find quality that remains hidden in the mess. Curating is tedious but is a small price to pay for the reward of finding something new and unique, and good. I am seeking good.